The Power of Your Vagus Nerve
Wireless Earbuds

Unwind, Destress and Relax 
by Stimulating Your Vagus Nerve 
with Harv Wireless Earbuds

Stress Getting You Down?

Stress, when it is bearing down on you, can seem inevitable. You feel like there is nothing much you can do to reduce it, let alone get rid of it altogether. It is a complex topic, after all. A little stress can be a healthy thing, if it serves to motivate you toward your goals. Too much stress, however, and you find yourself dealing with a variety of more serious health issues.

This is why you need to take action.

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Heart Rate Variability

It's Where we got our name from

Your Heart Rate Variability is a good biomarker for stress and improving your HRV can impress your stress level.

Harv - Stress Cancelliing Earbuds
Heart RAte Variability

Take control of your HRV 

Turn back time

Wind back the clock

Relax with harv

With Nerve Stimulation

Vagus Nerve
How to control stress & emotions?

Your Vagus Nerve

The Vagus Nerve controls your Rest & Digest response. Improved Vagal tone leads to improved Hear Rate Variability

Stressed Out

Poor Vagal Activity


Improve Your Vagal Tone

Good Mood

And Feel Better

Listen to harv


Compatible with most modern smartphones


Unique Stress Cancelllation Technoligy


Coming Soon in 2021

Earbuds Like No Others

Designed to help you relax, meditate and wind-down. All the features you need and with none available to distract - no calls!

Harv HiFi Sound

HiFi Sound

Great sound from 10mm balanced drivers

Harv EQ

Personalise EQ

Full Bass, Rich Mids or Sparkling Highs

Harv Sleep Mode

Sleep Mode

Get Ready to Sleep with relaxing Stimulation.

Harv Stress Cancellation

Active Stress Cancellation

Autonomic Stress Cancellation & Balance

Harv Noise Cancellation

Active Noise Cancellation

Start Listening to your senses; Interoception with Harv

Harv Whitenoise

White Noise & Soundscapes

Block out Distractions and Relax with Harv

Enjoy Life More

With Less Stress Comes More Joy

Harv Sounds Great With Friends

Harv work swith SpotifyHarv works with Apple MusicHarv works with YouTubeHarv works with TidalHarv and PandoraHarv works with Soundcloud

First Reviews

Harv Prototypes Early Feedback
  • Frank L.

    Wow - It's like meditating without trying!

  • Mike O.

    Harv helps me find a calmer place, away from the daily. 

  • Sandra D.

    Relaxing with music taken to the next level. I love my Harv headphones.

It's Autonomic

Meditation in Minutes

By activiating your Vagus Nerve, Harv triggers an autonomic response - calming you down.

Relax with Harv
Active Noise Cancellation

Cut Out The Noise

Harv Earbuds include Active Noise Cancelling to help you chill.